Hexlox brings anti-theft protection to any bolt on your bike

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exlox system is a clever take on anti-theft bolts

Have you ever returned to unlock your bike only to find that your saddle, seatpost or another other component has been stolen? If so, then the Hexlox anti-theft system might appeal to you.

Rather than replace the perfectly good — but easily unthreaded — hex fasteners already on your bike, the Hexlox system uses inserts to prevent would-be thieves from using a hex wrench to unbolt components. The company claims these inserts can also decrease the likelihood of a thief absconding with your whole bike, as many bicycles are stolen in order to be stripped of their parts.

Hexlox inserts can be placed in any 4,5 or 6mm hex bolt. The user inserts the Hexlox into the fastener with a key, gives it a turn and removes the key. It can be removed just as easily. Without the key, these inserts are very hard to remove. The company claims Hexlox can withstand tweezers, lock-picking tools, needle nose pliers, gator/vise grip, hammers, liquid ice, hacksaws, screwdrivers and numerous other things.

Hexlox are constructed from stainless steel with a magnetic backing, which means they won’t work with alloy, stainless steel or titanium bolts. The fact that only the rear of the Hexlox is magnetic, as the front is shielded by the stainless steel body, means it can’t be extracted from the bolt with another magnet.

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